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 Instalare PsychoStats (Windows)

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Cs Team
Cs Team

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MesajSubiect: Instalare PsychoStats (Windows)   Joi Mai 14, 2009 9:46 am

Pentru instalare psychostats pe WIN trebuie sa aveti instalate pe sistem urmatoarele:
- ActivePerl
- Apache
- PHP & GD2
- Mysql
- Internet Information Services (IIS)

Pentru instalare psychostats pe WIN trebuie sa aveti instalate pe sistem urmatoarele:
- ActivePerl
- Apache
- PHP & GD2
- Mysql
- Internet Information Services (IIS)

Descarcare: PsychoStats , apoi dezarhivati.
Mergeti in directorul nou, adica psychostats2.3.3 si dati un dublu click pe iconita (in caz ca nu va apare iconita,ci este doar un simplu document Notepad atunci inseamna ca nu aveti instalat nu puteti continua!!).
Dupa ce ati dat dublu click pe iconita ar trebui sa va apara o fereastra pt instalare.
Pasii de configurare psychostats de pe WIN sunt la fel cu cei de pe LINUX:

Web server host: localhost []

Do you want to change your settings? [y,N]: N

>>> STEP: Verifying required perl modules ...
Searching for required perl modules ...
x = module installed
[x] DBI v1.48
[x] DBD::mysql v3.0002
[x] Data::Dumper v2.121_04
All required perl modules are installed! Congratulations!

Press enter to continue with next step

DB Username []: (user care are acces la baza de date mysql)
DB Username []:nino

DB Password []:(parola userului)

DB Hostname [localhost]:localhost

DB Name []:(numele bazei de date)

DB Table prefix [pstats_]: (dati Enter)

DB Compression [0]: (dati Enter)

If a table already exists with the same name in the 'pstats' database should
it be deleted and replaced with a new empty table? (any data in the original
table will be lost). Player and Clan profiles will not be deleted unless you
specified the -profiles [player,clan] command line option.
Delete existing tables first? [y,N]: y

Press enter to continue with next step

Current log sources (enter a blank line to stop).
An asterix '*' in front of the directory means the directory does not exist!
LOGSOURCE 1: (aici puneti calea directorului cu loguri)
LOGSOURCE 1:C:\Program Files\hlds\cstrike\logs

MODTYPE []:cstrike

UNIQUEID []:name

DECAY.SKILL [0%]: (dati Enter)

DECAY.MINSKILL [1000]: (dati Enter)

SERVERNAME []: (puneti un nume gen "Powered by .." sau ce o fi)
SERVERNAME []:Powered by k3op$

SERVERIP []: (IP serverului urmat de port..NU BAGATI DNS-uri ca nu le citeste!!!)
SERVERIP []:80.97.**.***:27015

Very Important: You must provide a valid directory that the website files for
PsychoStats will be copied or uploaded to. This directory should be within
your web server directory tree.
'statsroot' specifies the directory where your PsychoStats website files will
be located.
THEME.STATSROOT []: (directorul in care vor sta toate fisierele Psychostats.. verficati setarile din Apache...sau ce web server aveti!)
THEME.STATSROOT []:C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache\htdocs

'statsurl' is an absolute URL pointing to the location of your stats on your
website. You do NOT put in front of this option. This will
usually resemble the statsroot option you entered above but w/o the phyiscal
directory path in front of it. Often only leaving the last directory name.
Example: If statsroot = '/var/www/stats/', then statsurl would be '/stats/'.
THEME.STATSURL [/stats/]: (pp ca ati inteles ce trebuie sa faceti aici)
THEME.STATSURL [/stats/]:/stats/

Available themes: psweb
Choose your theme [psweb]:psweb

De aici incepe instalarea de fisiere Psychostats....
Cam astea ar fi setarile importante pt psychostats..

Acum sa "umplem" baza de date cu statisticile jucatorilor de pe server..

Tot ce trebuie e sa dati un dublu click pe din directoru psychostats!

Pentru a face un admin dati un dublu click pe
Pentru a pune pass pe acest cont dati dublu click pe
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Instalare PsychoStats (Windows)
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